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Who is live-in care for?

Why someone to be cared at home?

It is not mandatory that a person looking for care has always to look for a
residential care to a Nursing Home or to a Care Home. There are multiple
benefits to choosing a home care.
In a Home Care based care, the service user continues to live in the
comfort of his/her own home. The service user is surrounded with familiar

faces and with own people around as usual. In home care, the service user
is not deprived of his or her day to day routines, life style, family and home
environment. It is complimented with a one to one care.
When a client moves to a care home or nursing home it is a disruption of
routines and the impact is great in client’s personal life.
In a home based care you can always be assured that you speak to
someone whom you are known or whom you will deal with very often.
Most probably it will be the registered Manager or his assistant or your
own carer who visits you in a day to day basis who understand your care

2. Mobility

a. Moving around the house

b. Getting in and out of bed
c. Assisting with simple equipment
d. Outings to shops, post office, etc
e. Daytime activities
f. Escort to hospital / pub etc
g. Any other activity as requested by individual client

1. Personal Care

a. Personal hygiene (Bath/Shower etc.)
b. Lavatory needs
c. Cooking meals
d. Mealtime assistance
e. Grooming Mobility
f. Help with incontinence care
g. Medication reminders
h. Evening bed time assistance
i. Morning wake up
j. Tea time assistance

3. Household tasks

a. Housework
b. Shopping
c. Washing/ironing clothes
d. Collecting pensions, prescriptions etc
e. Paying bills
f. Day time activities
g. Collect prescriptions
h. Provide light house keeping
i. Dusting and vacuuming
j. Take rubbish out
k. Meal preparation and tidy away
l. Answer the door bell
m. Make bed and bed linen
n. Oversee Home deliveries
o. Care for house plants
p. Assist with pets care

4. Social interaction

a. One to one discussion
b. Keeping in touch with family and friends of the clients
c. The pursuit of hobbies and interests
d. Keeping pets
e. Rent and play films
f. Monitor diet and eating
g. Assist with clothing selection
h. Help with post and reading
i. Companionship and conversation


j. Help with travel plans
k. Visits to friends/clubs/relatives/church
l. Day trips
m. Attend plays and concerts

We are able to provide you services for few hours a day, up to 24 hours and seven days a week. We always ensure that we provide full care service to match the individual needs.