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Discover the benefits of 24-hour support in the home you love

With the daily help from a live-in carer, you or your loved one have the choice to stay in your own home. Our customers, like Winifred (see below), say that the one-to-one support they receive is beyond compare.

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a fully trained carer lives with you in your home, supporting with your day-to-day needs and even being on call overnight. For many, live-in care becomes a lifeline, helping them to maintain their independence by avoiding a move into a residential care home.

Whether it’s helping with personal care, keeping on top of the chores or moving round the house, many of our carers become a rock to their clients, enabling them to live the way they want every day.

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Winifred's story: Live-in care for my mother, just like a daughter would

Winfred got in touch with us after her elderly mother suddenly became quite frail. She shared her story about the process: “With no experience of selecting carers I used my hunch and selected Helping Hands to find someone suitable.

“From the first interview I was impressed – they were so determined to find someone who would fit with my mother’s personality and needs. My expectations were exceeded and my mother is now cared for by a member of staff who behaves in every sense like a loving daughter. She also has the benefit of having the training and support of the organisation behind her.

“I know that my mother’s last days are being spent being cared for in a way that she thoroughly deserves – and I’m sure you can imagine how relieved I am.”

Finding the right live-in carer for you

With a handpicked live-in carer, your life can stay much the same as before. The big change is that you have the dedicated round-the-clock support to make that so.

The idea of welcoming a new person into your home and life may seem a little daunting at first. But we walk you through each step of the way and place so much importance on matching you with someone you feel the most comfortable with and who understands your routines, likes and interests.

It may be that you’d like:

a carer with a certain level of experience and/or specialist training

  • a carer who can drive
  • a choice of male or female carers to support your personal care needs
  • somebody who shares your hobby or interests
  • a carer who is comfortable looking after your animals